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About Sickkids
About SickKids

January 28, 2010

SickKids scientist takes on television of Olympic proportions

By Heather Irwin

A familiar face to some in the The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) community will soon be familiar to millions of viewers tuning in to the Winter Olympics beginning Feb. 12.

After a grueling multi-stage audition process, Greg Wells, Adjunct Scientist, Physiology and Experimental Medicine, was selected as the on-camera sport science and medicine consultant for CTV and TSN.

In addition to pre-recorded segments, Wells will do live analyses of gold medal performances and injuries as they occur. The goal is to create a better awareness and understanding of the science behind why certain athletes win over others. 

One of his 12 two-minute pieces will be aired during the opening ceremonies, the most watched event of the games.

“This program is the ultimate teaching opportunity,” says Wells. “It shows Canada how cool the human body is and will ideally serve to engage people in human physiology.”

Graphics, like those seen in Hollywood films, will be used to look inside the human body during Wells’s pieces. One segment, for example, shows what happens to the knee joint during mogul skiing.

To follow Wells as he covers the Winter Olympics, check out his daily blog at www.drgregwells.com.

Greg Wells, Adjunct Scientist, Physiology and Experimental Medicine.