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About Sickkids
About SickKids

June 22, 2011

Up Up and Away! The Research & Learning Tower is on the Rise

Tower crane on June 17, 2011

On Saturday morning, builders on the SickKids Research & Learning Tower construction site raised one of the large Tower cranes on the site located at Bay and Elm streets. This is another phase in the building process to support The Research & Leaning Tower’s continued rise into the Toronto skyline.

The raising of the crane, also referred to as a crane jump, took eight workers roughly five hours to complete. The height of the crane from the underside of its counter jib, or counter weight, was approximately 29 metres above street level and following the jump, it now stands at 43 metres above street level. The crane will be raised a total of eight times during the construction of The Research & Learning Tower and, with its final elevation, is expected to reach 120 metres.

When the tower is complete, the crane will be dismantled by a derrick crane – a crane used for hoisting and swinging loads horizontally. Sitting on the roof of the tower, the crane will lower pieces down to street level.
For more information on the Tower check out our construction updates or visit our webcam.

For more information on the SickKids Research & Learning Tower or to donate, visit our Tower website.

By: Katrina King

Tower crane on June 20, 2011 after crane jump