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About SickKids

August 30, 2011

SickKids Expert Alert: Early + Math Skills = Success

Increased technology puts higher demands on kids' math skills

Not too long ago, early literacy indicated academic achievement. Today, it’s early numeracy that is considered a stronger predictor of success in school. The increase of technology and science-based professions has created a greater demand for math skills than there once was.

A cornerstone for learning, especially in math, is practice. For this subject, the focus is on becoming comfortable with the language of numbers. Parents need to know that just because their child is following a school curriculum, does not necessarily mean they’re getting enough math practice. Kids who start school with a familiarity of number, measurement and geometry terms have an advantage as they learn new math concepts.

Homework and self-discipline

Another indicator of academic achievement is early self-discipline. What does that mean for the kids who are in a constant battle over homework?

Dr. Tracy Solomon, SickKids Developmental Psychologist, can discuss the importance and impact of early math fluency, and advise on ways to introduce informal and inexpensive math practice into your child’s life. She can also talk about the role of self-discipline in a child’s education.  

Dr. Solomon is also Health Systems Research Scientist in the Community Health Systems Resource Group at SickKids.

For more information, please contact:

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The Hospital for Sick Children
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