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About Sickkids
About SickKids

November 18, 2011

SickKids focuses international strategy

Whether they live in Toronto or in Accra, all children deserve good health. SickKids knows achieving success in the global child health environment can be complex, and that it is a  rapidly evolving area for care, research and education.

“As a leading paediatric health centre that serves a diverse community and attracts and trains professionals from around the world, SickKids is committed to having a meaningful impact on the health of children here and abroad,” says Cathy Séguin, vice-president, international affairs.

Five years ago, SickKids formalized its international activity into SickKids International (SKI). SKI’s purpose is to focus efforts abroad to optimize resources and promote positive change. In the last five years, SickKids, through SKI, has made great strides in our international work.

Staff from across the organization have worked on SickKids’ Qatar project, charged with creating a world-class paediatric health care centre in Doha. We have created and are now delivering a curriculum that will train paediatric nurses in Ghana. The Programme for Global Paediatric Research (PGPR) is facilitating work that will result in a huge impact in child mortality and morbidity rates caused by sickle cell disease, Kernicitus disease and others.

In September, the SickKids Board of Trustees approved a renewal plan for our international strategy for the next five years that will build on our current successes. There are three areas of focus: the Global Child Health Program, Business Development and the International Patient Office.

  • The Global Child Health Program (GCHP) works with global partners to strengthen local health systems to serve vulnerable communities in low and middle income countries. The GCHP is funded by SickKids Foundation and granting agencies.
  • Business Development services produce revenue that fund innovative and strategic projects at SickKids. Through Business Development, we provide educational opportunities and partnerships with international governments and institutions in the areas of care, education and research.
  • The International Patient Office co-ordinates medical treatments for international patients without access to vital care in their home countries. The Herbie Fund is available to patients who require financial support to attain care in Canada.

Through SickKids International, SickKids will continue to establish collaborative relationships with national and international partners, and focus on strengthening sustainable skills and capabilities in child health care, research and education.