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About Sickkids
About SickKids

August 31, 2011

SickKids wins gold for innovative business model

The Hospital for Sick Children’s (SickKids) commitment to innovation has been recognized by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) with a Gold Award in Innovative Management.

The prestigious award, which celebrates and encourages innovative managerial initiatives in Canada’s public administration, acknowledges the innovative business model driving  SickKids International (SKI) – SickKids’ innovative response to the rising costs and limited funding facing the health care sector today.

“To maintain our standing as one of the leading academic paediatric health science centres in the world, SickKids has to remain resourceful, innovative and adaptable,” says Mary Jo Haddad, President and CEO. “SKI’s business model demonstrates how organizations can remain committed to quality health care while exploring creative ways to generate much-needed revenue.”

Using SickKids’ strong reputation as a world leader in paediatric health care, SKI draws upon the experience of the organization’s team to provide advisory services to build capacity in children’s health care around the world. Generated revenues are then reinvested in SickKids to support children’s health in Ontario and Canada.

“This award is a testament to the broad culture of innovation at SickKids,” says Jeff Mainland, Vice-President, Strategy, Performance and Communications, who received the award on behalf of SickKids at the annual meeting of IPAC in Victoria on Aug. 30. “Through our innovation strategy, we encourage an organizational mindset of thinking and doing things differently that ultimately results in higher quality of care for our patients and their families."

SKI has achieved measurable success from both business development and humanitarian aid perspectives.  To fulfill its five-year contract with Hamad Medical Corporation, SickKids is providing advisory services for the development and operation of the new children's hospital located in Doha, Qatar. The project will raise the bar of paediatric health care for the children and families of Qatar and also contribute funds to benefit health care for children in Ontario and Canada.

SKI has also secured funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for a multi-million dollar program to support the training of paediatric nurses in Ghana. The project focuses on transferring knowledge from SickKids nurse educators to their colleagues in Ghana to create sustainable, world-class nursing education programs.

“Through its international efforts, SKI is developing capacity and sustainability for children’s health, worldwide,” says Cathy Séguin, Vice President, International Affairs. “SickKids benefits – along with our international and national partners, and children across the globe and here at home.”

Previous winners of the award include Industry Canada, Natural Resources Canada and Cancer Care Ontario.  This is the second time that SickKids has been recognized by IPAC.  In 2009, SickKids was awarded the IPAC Leadership Award for its role in the Canadian Paediatric Surgical Wait Times Project.

The IPAC Award for Innovative Management, which is sponsored by IBM, was launched in 1990. It distinguishes government organizations that have shown exceptional innovations that address the wide variety of issues facing society today.

“New and innovative business models that generate needed revenues are required by world-leading public sector organizations, such as SickKids, if they are going to sustain and enhance their position on the global stage,” says Mainland. Our international work is critical to fulfilling our vision of Healthier Children. A Better World.”

IPAC is an association of public servants, academics and others interested in public administration. Founded in 1947, the association’s mandate is to promote excellence in public service through publications, conferences, awards of excellence and knowledge networks.

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