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About SickKids

May 3, 2011

Christine Harrison to be honoured for her contributions to health-care ethics in Canada

Dr. Christine Harrison, former Director of Bioethics at SickKids, will be receiving the Canadian Bioethics Society’s 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award for her leadership in shaping the field of health-care ethics in Canada.

Harrison has a highly respected national and international profile in health-care ethics. While her achievements extend well beyond our borders, her major contributions have been in Canada, where she contributed immensely to the fabric and development of health-care ethics through her work with the Canadian Bioethics Society, SickKids and the University of Toronto.

Harrison began working as a bioethicist at SickKids in 1993, two years after the establishment of the department, and was director from 1996 to 2011. At UofT, she has made significant contributions to the Joint Centre for Bioethics and the Department of Paediatrics, playing a key role in the development and implementation of curriculum in the discipline of bioethics.

Her work has been recognized through invited talks and presentations, invitations to publish, collaborate and supervise, as well as election and appointment to leadership positions in health-care ethics. She has taught health-care ethics at the undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate and continuing education levels; her exemplary teaching recognized by four prestigious teaching awards.
Since joining SickKids, Harrison has completed 30 peer-reviewed paper presentations, 177 invited talks, lectures and workshops, 16 poster presentations and 152 talks, lectures and workshops at SickKids. These numbers represent how active and sought-after Harrison has been in the field of health-care ethics, says colleague Dr. Randi Zlotnik Shaul, Bioethicist, SickKids.

“Her knowledge base, respectful manner of interaction, insight, integrity and commitment to providing genuine assistance to others are features she brought to every one of her achievements in health-care ethics,” says Zlotnik Shaul. “Christine Harrison is an example that many working in health-care ethics strive to emulate and an inspiration for achievement that is possible in health-care ethics.”

The Lifetime Achievement Award presentation will take place on Thursday June 2 at the Canadian Bioethics Society’s Annual Conference in Saint John, New Brunswick.