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About Sickkids
About SickKids

May 9, 2011

SickKids nurses: Unwavering dedication to providing the best care for children and families

This year’s theme for National Nursing Week— Nursing: The Health of our Nation— aligns in so many ways with the overall direction of the nursing profession and the continuing focus of nursing at SickKids. Increasingly, nursing is recognized as having a critical role to play in protecting and enhancing the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities. Likewise, nurses are actively engaged in the development and integration of new knowledge into existing health-care systems, contributing to the building of sustainable and inclusive health care for all Canadians.

At SickKids, nurses have been integral to many impressive achievements, whether in relation to enhancing the care experience of children and families, or through sharing their expertise beyond the walls of the hospital.

Provincially, SickKids nurses influence so many key areas of the profession, including health policy, practice standards, research, and the development of new technology and information systems.  Our nurses, through their work with stakeholders, such as the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care task forces, special interest groups, and cross-appointments to colleges and universities, participate in work that impacts health care across the province.

At the national level, there are numerous SickKids nurses sharing their expertise with fellow nurses, as well as interprofessional groups, in the areas of research, technology, practice standards, specialized paediatric education programming, and health human resource strategy development. As the largest single health professional group in Canada, nurses have an immeasurable impact on the health of our nation.

Thank you nurses at SickKids for your unwavering dedication to providing the very best possible care for the children and families we serve, for your furthering of the nursing profession, and for your invaluable contribution to the health of our families, communities, and nation.

Happy National Nursing Week!