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About Sickkids
About SickKids

April 21, 2011

Promoting research for kids on Research4kids

The Research4kids clinical studies recruitment database is now open for business. After several months of planning and consultation, development and testing, the new database was launched publicly today, April 21, 2011. Clinical research was identified as an organizational strategic priority for 2010-11. The Research4kids database has been designed to showcase the excellent clinical research being conducted at SickKids and enhance the volunteer recruitment efforts of our researchers.

There are all kinds of clinical studies taking place at SickKids every day. Most studies require volunteers – some with specific qualities, conditions or diagnoses – while others are open to ‘healthy’ volunteers. This publicly accessible database provides our stakeholders with information about clinical research studies at SickKids and will enable interested patients and families to volunteer to participate in those studies.

The Research4kids database will become an important tool for clinical research at SickKids, providing up-to-date information on recruitment status of studies underway, communicating to the public about clinical research activities at SickKids, promoting collaboration and preventing duplication of work among members of the scientific community – both internally and externally – and improving the recruitment processes for clinical research studies.

This easy-to-use tool will now enable researchers to post their REB-approved protocols with accompanying recruitment criteria and contact information for the purpose of recruiting volunteers. The database features a robust search engine which provides multiple search opportunities so that end users will be able to seek information based on different criteria. Each study is described using plain language to make it easier for users to understand what the study is investigating and what kind of volunteers the researchers are looking for.

Take a moment to explore the Research4kids database and appreciate the depth and breadth of clinical research at SickKids.