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About Sickkids
About SickKids

May 25, 2011

SickKids Works to Continue Reducing Emergency Department Wait Times

Following the success in reducing wait times at the Emergency Department (ED), several new projects are underway to meet targets set by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC).

In 2010-11, forty-five per cent of patients were admitted from the ED with a wait time of less than eight hours, a significant improvement from the 36 per cent recorded the year before. The current projects support the SickKids strategic goals and will have the combined effect of improving timely access to care.

SickKids deployed a new wait-time information system on May 16. The system reduces the time it takes to move patients from acute care areas to services in a more appropriate setting, effectively allocating ER resources and improving patient flow.

The Emergency Room National Ambulatory Initiative (ERNI) was launched by the MOHLTC in 2009 to measure emergency room wait times in support of a provincial benchmarking and decision support tool. This month, SickKids continued on to the next phase of the project. Now capturing five new data elements related to consults by physician specialists, SickKids is providing information about one of the key factors in overall ED wait times.

Developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, an ED kiosk aims to improve public knowledge of health-care alternatives to emergency room visits, such as such as local walk-in clinics, family health teams, nurse practitioners and family physicians. This will reduce wait times as future patients learn how to access the appropriate level of care.

All of the projects are supported by Information Services, a department of the Information Management & Technology portfolio at SickKids. Comprised of technicians, support analysts, project managers, developers, system analysts, managers, directors and business administrators, IS works to meet the technology needs of the hospital.  

“New opportunities in information management and technology arise daily as new technology becomes available or as business needs change,” says Daniela Crivianu-Gaita, Vice President and Chief Information Officer. “Our team is doing a great job of focusing on innovation and provides excellent service to colleagues at SickKids.”