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About SickKids

January 27, 2011

SickKids cancer research: Top 10 in 2010

The top 10 list is out! The Canadian Cancer Society top ten research stories list that is. And two SickKids researchers made the cut. This list highlights the most notable research funded in full or in part by the Canadian Cancer Society.

Dr. Michael Taylor is on the list with his discovery that the most common malignant form of paediatric brain cancer, medulloblastoma, is in fact four different diseases. Each form presenting with its own molecular composition and clinical characteristics. These findings could lead to fine-tuned personalized treatments that are targeted for each form of the disease and allow some patients to avoid the long-term side-effects of aggressive treatment, like brain damage from radiation.

Dr. David Malkin and his research team made the list for pinpointing a genetic mutation that plays a major role in the outcome of a paediatric brain cancer (choroid plexus carcinoma). This discovery changes the recommended standard of care for children and demonstrates radiation treatment may not be necessary for some young patients, who can be spared its lifelong side-effects. Testing for the presence of the TP53 mutation can determine the most appropriate therapy for the patient.

Canadian Cancer Society funded researchers continue to discover ways to reduce cancer incidence and mortality and enhance the quality of life for Canadians living with and beyond cancer.

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