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About Sickkids
About SickKids

October 16, 2012

Research innovations take top spot in survey

IP and C team
Back Row: Anny Song, Susana Andres, Ed Kenney, Arlene Yee, Namrata Barai Front Row: Heidi Falckh, Vishan Sivagnanam, Jasmine Green, Konrad Powell-Jones

SickKids inventions and discoveries are on top once again this year. SickKids ranked first for licensing revenues among all research hospitals in Canada in the Association of University Technology Managers’ (AUTM) 2011 licensing survey.

This is the second consecutive year SickKids has received a first-place ranking in this category and the 10th year the hospital has ranked in the Top 10.

“SickKids is home to some incredible discoveries and innovations,” says Arlene Yee, Director, Industry Partnerships and Commercialization. “From the cystic fibrosis gene to the Empower Reading Program, we’re making an impact here and around the world.”

SickKids Industry Partnerships & Commercialization (IP&C) manages the licensing of all hospital and research discoveries. IP&C helps researchers and scientists protect their ideas and inventions through patents and copyrights, secure funding for research with commercial potential, and connect with industry for research collaborations and licensing.

Ranking ahead of major research institutions like University Health Network and the University of Toronto, IP&C licensing revenues totalled $3.36 million in 2011. This also earned the hospital third place in the number of licenses and options issued and seventh in licensing revenues amongst all academic institutions, including universities.

For more information about licensing and research innovations at SickKids visit the IP&C website at www.sickkids.ca/IPandC.