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About Sickkids
About SickKids

November 9, 2012

SickKids Research Institute 25th annual Scientific Retreat: SickKids scientists are moving research forward

By Sylvia Dick

Each year scientists and staff in the SickKids Research Institute are invited to the Research Institute Scientific Retreat, a day-long event aimed at bringing together the amazing and diverse group of researchers working at SickKids. Broad themes showcasing the incredible range of research at SickKids are illustrated through scientific presentations given by scientists and trainees from across the Institute. This year, the themes included talks on traumatic and acquired brain injury, population-based health research and methodologies and paediatric drug development.

“The annual Scientific Retreat is very important as it offers the rare opportunity for our entire research community to gather in one place. The purpose of the event is to illustrate the depth and breadth of research produced at SickKids by a vibrant community of accomplished scientists,” says Chief of Research Dr. Janet Rossant.

Close to 900 staff and trainees attended the conference which, in addition to the research presentations, included a large poster session by the trainees, award ceremonies and a keynote address.

The Aser Rothstein (Keynote) Lecture was given this year by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Roderick MacKinnon, Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and John D. Rockefeller Jr. Professor at the Rockefeller University. His engaging lecture The Amazing Diversity of Potassium Channels was met with a warm reception by the audience.     

A tribute to the award-winning research at SickKids

Several awards were presented throughout the day in honour of outstanding staff and trainees. The Citizenship Award is presented each year to a staff member who goes above and beyond in their efforts to support their colleagues at the Institute. This year Rebbie Pamintuan, Senior Manager, Grants Management Office, was selected for the award.

The Exceptional Trainee Awards are presented to one trainee in each of the seven research programs in the Institute. The 2012 winners are:

Dr. Leanne Wybenga-Groot, Cell Biology
Dr. Marinka Twilt, Child Health Evaluative Sciences
Dr. Stephen Mack, Development & Stem Cell Biology
Mr. Anath C. Lionel, Genetics & Genome Biology
Mr. Graham Cromar, Molecular Structure & Function
Dr. Hubert Tsui, Neurosciences & Mental Health
Dr. Mark Li, Physiology & Experimental Medicine