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About SickKids

February 8, 2012

SickKids Scientist, Dr. Jennifer Stinson Honoured by the Canadian Pain Society

By: Alena Boczek

Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Stinson who has been awarded an Early Career Award from the Canadian Pain Society. Recipients must be within eight years of completion of a doctoral degree or post-fellowship qualification to be eligible. This award recognizes Stinson’s outstanding contributions in pain management at this early stage in her career. Stinson will be honoured at the Canadian Pain Society’s annual dinner awards event on Friday, May 25, 2012.

Stinson is a clinical-nurse scientist, a unique specialty in Canada, and her research focuses on the use of information and communication technologies, such as the Internet and mobile phones, to improve the assessment and management of pain and other symptoms in children with chronic illnesses. She has developed one of the first Internet-based pain self-management programs for teens with arthritis and continues to revolutionize the way children and teens understand and manage the impact of a disease on their quality of life. Stinson is actively involved in CPS as co-chair of the Scientific Program Committee, secretary, and newsletter editor.

“Dr. Stinson truly exemplifies what this award represents,” says Dr. Janet Rossant, Chief of Research at SickKids, “She is extremely committed to her research and improving the ways we can help patients manage pain.”

The Canadian Pain Society’s Early Career Award recognizes Stinson’s commitment to pain and symptom management, and acknowledges the mutual respect and passion she shares with her colleagues. CPS is a chapter of the International Association for the Study of Pain and works to encourage pain research in an effort to improve the management of patients with acute and chronic pain.