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About Sickkids
About SickKids

June 21, 2012

Winners announced for first-ever SickKids Clinical Research Awards

By Lucas Bailey

Congratulations to Stephanie Jewell, Judith Van Huyse and Audrey Abad for winning the 2012 SickKids Clinical Research Awards!

The three were the first to receive the honour, given during International Clinical Trials Week 2012. The awards recognize individuals that facilitate research for principal investigators at SickKids. Nominees are selected based on how well they embody the SickKids values of innovation, excellence, collaboration and integrity.

“Each of our winners has been rewarded for outstanding work,” said Dr. Colin Macarthur, Associate Chief, Clinical Research, SickKids. “They have been recognized for their creativity, collaboration, and passion, all of which are essential to successful clinical research.”

Jewell is a clinical research project coordinator in Archie’s Cochlear Implant Lab in the Department of Otolaryngology. Cochlear implants are used for hearing loss, helping to restore a lost sense in a way that would have been impossible without extensive clinical research and trials. Jewell is working on a longitudinal study evaluating the impact of having cochlear implants placed in both ears, and has been deeply involved in related projects.

A member of several project teams, Van Huyse works in clinical research to advance medical practice and improve clinical outcomes in patients. Van Huyse is a Neurosciences & Mental Health clinical research nurse coordinator in the Critical Care Unit, working under Drs. Jamie Hutchison and Anne-Marie Guerguerian on traumatic brain injury. An international project looking at therapeutic hypothermia after paediatric cardiac arrest is another example of where Van Huyse is making a contribution as part of a clinical research team.

Abad is a clinical research project manager in the Department of Child Health Evaluative Sciences. Her work on outcome measures and prophylaxis studies for persons with hemophilia keeps her busy, with several projects currently on the go. One of these projects is focused on comparing the burden of hemophilia in the developing and developed world, with the goal of determining cost-effective therapy strategies. She is also working as part of the International Prophylaxis Study Group, which promotes the acquisition of new knowledge of factor prophylaxis in persons with inherited bleeding disorders.

Clinical research at SickKids is supported by the online portal Research4Kids. This website makes it easy for people to participate in clinical research and contribute to the hospital’s mission of improving the health of children worldwide.