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About Sickkids
About SickKids

November 29, 2012

SickKids’ electronic child health network enables better care

The electronic Child Health Network (eCHN), created by SickKids in 1999, is a crucial innovation that has revolutionized the sharing of patient health information among medical professionals. It has nearly 11,000 registered users who access the network to provide better care to two and a half million children in Ontario.

Now paediatric care providers on eCHN can also access online lab results, contained in the Ontario laboratories information system (OLIS). As a result, care providers will have a more complete and immediate picture of their patients' health.

The enhancement was announced at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Nov. 28. The event was attended by  Hon. Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care; Greg A. Reed, President and CEO, eHealth Ontario; Mary Jo Haddad, President and CEO, SickKids, and Dr. Saul Greenberg, Paediatrician at SickKids.

OLIS is an online information system that connects hospitals, community laboratories, public health laboratories and practitioners to enable the secure electronic exchange of laboratory test orders and results. Accessing lab results online helps health-care providers make faster and more informed patient care decisions.

"SickKids created eCHN with the knowledge that the timely exchange of medical information is critical to a child's health,” said Haddad. “The combination of eCHN with OLIS data not only improves an award-winning tool that enables excellent family-centred care, it clearly illustrates that innovation, striving for service excellence, and focusing on sustainable infrastructure can enhance Ontario's child health system."

Electronic access to patient lab results means

  • More informed and safer care, especially important when patients are critically ill, in pain or unable to remember their previous test histories.
  • More coordinated care between family practitioners and hospital providers with reduced patient travel and more time dedicated to patient care.
  • Less time spent on administrative paper-chasing.

"Getting lab results to child clinicians faster compliments our Action Plan for Health Care by helping more patients get the right care, at the right time,” said Matthews. “It's quite the achievement when over two million children across Ontario will experience better and more coordinated care thanks to the work being done by SickKids and eHealth Ontario."

"We are proud to be a partner with SickKids, one of the most significant and prestigious hospitals in the world, on such an important initiative,” said Reed. “Enabling the safe and secure sharing of children's electronic health information among care providers is at the heart of what eHealth Ontario is achieving."

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