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About Sickkids
About SickKids

August 6, 2013

10K for SK!

By Hannah Sunderani

Sarah Prince
Sarah Prince in her favourite red jeans. She is known on Twitter as the girl in the red jeans, “because they’re bold, and they are a great way to stand out in a crowd.

SickKids celebrated a social media milestone Friday, August 2, reaching 10,000 followers on Twitter. SickKids uses its @SickKidsNews account to share recent news and events, health information and interesting facts, celebrate VIP visits and to respond to and engage with the twitterverse. While we have steadily been building our online community, we reached this major milestone, thanks to Sarah Prince, AKA @ThatPrince, our 10,000th Twitter follower.

Sarah is a social media maven who tweets daily and even has her own pop culture blog, Hot on the Street. Sarah first joined Twitter four years ago, and coincidentally celebrated her Twitterversary one day after SickKids’ Twitterversary. Like SickKids, Sarah sees the benefits in using Twitter to build and maintain relationships. “I like to connect with my followers to show them I’m listening. I often respond to their interesting tweets or retweet their witty remarks.”

Sarah also believes that it is important for organizations to be actively engaged in social media. “It’s a great way for the public to feel connected to the organization,” says Sarah, “it shows that SickKids cares about their fans.” 

Sarah chose to follow @SickKidsNews to learn more about their innovative campaigns. She particularly enjoyed last year’s Do The Happy campaign for Healthy & Happy, featuring a story about it on her blog. “I wanted to learn more about other SickKids campaigns and how they communicate on a regular basis.”

As a recent MIT graduate from Western University, Sarah hopes to continue her passion for communicating in the digital space. “My ideal job involves a mix of social media, public relations and writing for the web. My long-term goal is to work directly for LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.”

Our best wishes go to Sarah in pursuing her communications passion and a big thank you for being the 10,000th SickKids follower!