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About Sickkids
About SickKids

April 30, 2013

Murals at SickKids create warm environment

By Greg Mackiewicz

blue dog with xray

The Hospital for Sick Children has received renewed funding for Operation:Art, an initiative that allows the hospital to create colourful art in patient and family areas.

The funding is provided by KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation and will give everyone a chance to enjoy the decorated hallways, waiting rooms and clinical spaces.

SickKids wants to make each hospital experience as positive and comforting as possible, says Marisa Di Carlo-Ancic, Creative Director and head of the SickKids Creative Services Studio. “As well as excellent medical care, we want to provide a warm and enriching environment that comforts children and parents alike. Art has the ability to connect people by offering a forum of discussion, expression and the sharing of imagination.

“Our murals are all about imagination and distracting patients – helping them imagine swimming underwater with the colourful fish and turtles, landing in a tree and hanging out with a cool monkey that’s taking a break from swinging on the vines, or sitting high up on a branch and star-gazing.”

Operation: Art has received support from KRG Children’s Charitable Foundation in past years allowing artist Susy Bleasby to use her creative talent and transform blank spaces into magnificent scenes of animal and aquatic adventure.

“At SickKids we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality patient and family-centred care,” says Di Carlo-Ancic. “It’s important to remember that hospital visits can be distressing. By providing lively and colourful art, we lift the state of mind of our patients and therefore of their families, too.”