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About Sickkids
About SickKids

October 22, 2013

SickKids Chief of Research wins award for outstanding contributions

The International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT) has recognized Dr. Janet Rossant as “a world leader in developmental biology and someone who has made seminal contributions to our field.”

The ISTT announced on Oct. 21 that Rossant is the recipient of the 10th ISTT Prize given to an investigator who has made outstanding contributions to the field of transgenic technologies.

Rossant was among the pioneers who established the technique of introducing targeted mutations into genes using mouse embryonic stem cells, leading to the generation of knockout mice and using them both to understand fundamental developmental processes and as animal models of human disease. Her interest in following the progression of mouse development from embryo to adulthood led her to study stem cells from which individual tissues are derived during development.

The ISTT fosters knowledge generation, discussion, training and education, and the diffusion of the technologies and specific research used for the genetic modification of animals, in particular those aimed at generating and/or analyzing transgenic and mutant animals as particularly useful experimental models in the biology, biomedicine and biotechnology disciplines.

See the announcement from the ISTT.