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About Sickkids
About SickKids

May 2, 2014

Medical device developed by SickKids doctors named as a top game-changer

By Justin Faiola

A device created by SickKids doctors has been selected as one of Canada’s top 10 game-changing health technologies by The Canadian Network for Environmental Scanning in Health at the 2014 Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health Symposium in April.

Blood pressure cuff device named as a top game-changer

Drs. Andrew Redington, Division, Head of Cardiology, and Christopher Caldarone, Chair of the Division of Cardiac Surgery, led the development of the first automated, non-invasive device to provide remote ischemic conditioning (RIC) – a temporary stop and restart of blood flow to the arm through a series of inflations and deflations.

Developed by CellAegis Devices, a medical technology company co-founded by Caldarone and Redington, the device brings blood pressure up to a point of occlusion and monitors the pressure to ensure that the arm is occluded for 5 minutes. The device can be used prior to, during, or after cardiac surgery, after an acute injury such as a heart attack as well as in the catheterization lab prior to an angioplasty or elective angioplasty.

The RIC device brings many benefits to health-care providers and patients. It provides automated safety and convenience when initiating protection with RIC. In comparison to manual methods, the CellAegis device is designed specifically for use in acute care settings as well as in the home for chronic disease treatment.

RIC has been shown to significantly reduce major adverse heart- and stroke-related events in patients undergoing heart surgery or suffering a heart attack, and in recent follow-up studies has been shown to improve their long-term survival. It therefore has the potential to benefit tens of thousands of patients across the world who suffer from a type of severe ischemic injury known as reperfusion injury – damage caused by a restriction in the blood supply to the heart or brain that is brought on by cardiac surgery, heart attack, or stroke.

“We are particularly proud that this technology, founded at SickKids, is now being manufactured and distributed by a Canadian company in order to help patients around the world,” says Redington.

“The CellAegis device offers an extremely low-cost intervention which can protect patients from life-threatening reperfusion injury. The cost/benefit ratio is exceedingly large,” says Caldarone.  

To see the full list of health technologies featured on Canada’s First Top 10 New and Emerging Health Technology Watch List, see http://www.cadth.ca/en/products/environmental-scanning/overview/cnesh/media.

For more information on RIC technology and the RIC device, see http://www.cellaegisdevices.com/index.html.