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About Sickkids
About SickKids

October 10, 2014

Compassion is key: Sherri Adams and team receive grant for care mapping

By Ashley Durk

Sherri Adams, Nurse Practitioner in the Complex Care Program at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), has received a $20,000 grant from Associated Medical Services (AMS) to map the journey of care experienced by families of children with medical complexity (CMC).

Sherri Adams
Sherri Adams, Nurse Practitioner, displays examples of care maps, a visual representation of patient care that will help children with medical complexity.

Her project is one of several recognized by AMS’ Phoenix Project: A Call to Caring. The program supports research that promotes patient and family empathy in health-care environments, identifying technical expertise and compassion as key components in delivering top care.

The Norman Saunders Complex Care initiative at SickKids has matched the AMS grant, totaling $44,515 for the study.

Adams’ research explores care mapping, a visual representation of a child’s life resembling a web. The child or family is placed in the middle, surrounded by clusters of organizations, individuals, and institutions that patients and families engage with. Care topics such as health, school, recreational activities, financial, and personal support are included in the map.

“Our goal is to always provide better care coordination and make sure we’re not duplicating services, while at the same time filling the gaps and providing the best streamlined but comprehensive care that we can,” says Adams. “In the health-care system, we see a small picture of what we need to see to provide a child with care. Care mapping increases your understanding of the intricacies of care that the patient and family are dealing with.”

The funding will help Adams and her team to investigate what families and health-care providers think of care maps and the process of creating them, and how they can be applied in clinical settings to improve CMC care.

SickKids staff participating in the project are Dr. Eyal Cohen, Staff Paediatrician and Project Investigator, Child Health Evaluative Sciences; Dr. Sanjay Mahant, Staff Paediatrician, Associate Program Director, General Paediatrics Fellowship, and Project Investigator, Child Health Evaluative Sciences; and Dr. Katherine Boydell, Scientific Director of Qualitative Inquiry, Senior Scientist, Child Health Evaluative Sciences and Community Health Systems Resource Group.

Dr. Ronik Kanani, Chief of Paediatrics at North York General Hospital, and Dr. David Nicholas of the Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary, are co-investigators.