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About Sickkids
About SickKids

July 17, 2014

Join the conversation: Help us plan for the future of SickKids!

By Mackenzie Hill-Strathy

SickKids is currently planning our future by establishing our long-term strategic directions and we want to hear from you! The health-care system is one of constant transformation. It is important that SickKids continues to be responsive to changing environments by evaluating what we do and how we do it, to ensure we continue to best meet the needs of our patients and their families.

From July 17 to August 8, we are hosting an online community engagement forum to hear from you, our patients, families, partners and the broader community. We hope you will share your health-care experiences, both at SickKids, and across the broader system with us. Each patient or family experience provides valuable insights that can inform the future of SickKids and the broader paediatric health-care system.

At SickKids we strive to ensure that patients and families have the highest quality experience as we partner with them to restore them to optimal health. However, navigating the health-care system and actual experiences in hospitals can be challenging, as they can take place during times of stress and uncertainty. Understanding what SickKids and our partners can do to make this experience easier and of higher quality, is a critical component to planning our future.

So now we are asking you, what one change would better support the experience of children and families in the health-care system?

By visiting our online forum at http://sickkids.soapboxhq.com/ you can join the conversation by answering this question, reading and commenting on others’ posts and indicating which posts you enjoy or agree with the most. SickKids staff will also be part of the conversation and we look forward to reading your insights as we plan for our future.

Lisa Richardson, a SickKids parent, shared her experiences in navigating the health-care system and offered thoughts on how it can be improved. Watch her story.