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About Sickkids
About SickKids

April 24, 2014

Taking SickKids Mobile is up and running

By John Berwick

“Mobility is transformative.” That was the theme to the Taking SickKids Mobile kick-off event at the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning on April 22.

Networking at the launch event for Taking SickKids Mobile.
Networking at the launch event for Taking SickKids Mobile.

An initiative that began last summer with an organization-wide Wikidea challenge, Taking SickKids Mobile is aimed at finding innovative, mobile solutions to areas of need at SickKids. Working with academic partners at Ryerson University, George Brown College, OCAU University and the Mobile Experience Innovation Centre along with business partners BlackBerry, imason, Normative and Sapient Nitro, six project teams have been tasked to develop their ideas from concept to minimal viable product. Taking SickKids Mobile is led by Information Services under the direction of Daniela Crivianu-Gaita, VP and Chief Information Officer of Information Management Technology, with the support of Faye Bennard, Project Manager, Mobile Initiatives.

The event on April 22 allowed the selected SickKids innovators to present their concepts and provided an opportunity for all project collaborators to connect.

Dr. Sara Diamond, President of OCAD University, said mobility links people to services and content, regardless of time or place. “We found that there was an incredible thirst for mobility, for applications that would really be transformative, but there was a challenge in finding the talent, finding the developer and design community and linking that capacity into industries and sectors like health care.”

Linking the minds at SickKids with the design and development talents of students and the experience of businesses will help SickKids tap the seemingly limitless potential that mobility presents in the health-care sector and lay the foundation for future projects.