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About Sickkids
About SickKids

December 3, 2014

Ways to give this holiday season: SickKids toy donation guidelines

TORONTO - Being in hospital during the holiday season can be tough for patients and their families. Staff and volunteers at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) do their best to create a fun and familiar environment for families, in efforts to normalize the hospital experience.

The community helps SickKids support these families by generously donating toys, books, games and other gifts that help entertain and comfort children during their hospital stay. These items go beyond the holidays and are also used throughout the year for therapeutic play with a Child Life Specialist, as birthday presents for patients, as rewards after completing a test or procedure, and simply as entertainment and distraction.

If you are planning to donate items to SickKids this holiday season please check out the holiday donations page on our website first and connect with the Donations Coordinator. There are several ways to support SickKids families this year, including:

  • Gift-in-kind donations: donations of unwrapped brand new toys, books, electronics, crafts and other items. Gift cards are also welcome and encouraged, ie: gift cards to grocery stores, department stores etc.  Please see donation guidelines and wish lists.
  • Patient Amenities Fund: This fund is a source of financial assistance for families who have limited financial resources and whose child is being cared for by SickKids. The Fund assists families for expenses that are not covered or only partially covered by public health insurance and/ community resources including incidental expenses such as travel, food, accommodation, drugs, and medical equipment. To donate to the Patient Amenities Fund, please visit www.sickkidsfoundation.com/donate  

Due to patient safety, privacy, and infection control policies, SickKids cannot accept all gift-in-kind donations and donors may not give the items directly to the patients. SickKids created the donations guidelines to ensure that the community’s generosity is fully appreciated and put to good use during the season of giving. SickKids is accepting gift-in-kind donations until Friday December 12. Items that do not meet the guidelines or that are delivered past the deadline will be donated to other partner agencies in the local community.

The Sponsor-A-Family program, which matches donors with a SickKids family who has been selected based on a priority need, has closed early this year because we have already successfully matched all of the participating families. Thank you to those who have helped to make this possible, your thoughtfulness and generosity are greatly appreciated!

For more information on other ways to support SickKids, please visit http://www.sickkids.ca/ways-to-give