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About Sickkids
About SickKids

October 23, 2015

Canadian Patient Safety Week: SickKids recommits to reducing preventable harm

This week we recognize Canadian Patient Safety Week, an opportunity to celebrate ongoing work at SickKids that aims to keep every child in our care safe. SickKids has always been committed to excellence and providing high-quality care for children. Despite this, preventable harm still occurs.

The Caring Safely initiative represents SickKids’ renewed commitment to significantly reducing preventable harm over the next three years. Three objectives are specific to patient safety, including reducing seven hospital acquired conditions, reducing the incidence of serious safety events and enhancing our safety culture. The initiative was recently profiled in Hospital News.

SickKids is the first Canadian hospital to partner with the Children’s Hospitals Solutions for Patient Safety, a North American collaborative of over 85 paediatric hospitals. The collaborating hospitals share the vision that by sharing both safety successes and failures, we can accelerate the reduction of harm across paediatric medicine.

Learn more about how parents and patients can partners with SickKids in the Caring Safely initiative by visiting our Patient Safety page.