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About Sickkids
About SickKids

August 21, 2015

Young toy experts test drive new toys at SickKids

SickKids patients and families used their expertise in play to test drive the season’s newest toys at the fourth annual Parents Canada toy testing event on Aug. 19.

Each child was given a ‘toy testing passport’, which was filled out with their feedback and ratings for each toy on display. As a thank you, each child got to choose a toy to keep.

Parents expressed their gratitude for opportunities for their children to leave their rooms and participate in fun events like this one, which are organized with the Child Life Department at SickKids, which brings exciting and stimulating events and distractions to children and families.  

One father said the events are especially helpful when entertaining young siblings of patients, providing special experiences that break up the day.

Kalib particularly loved the flying toys. “This is so fun! I give it 100 stars!” he said.

Dylan had such a ball playing with the race car set, he didn’t want to test any other toys! Luckily the Parents Canada team had a set for him to keep.

Even infants were in on the fun; this baby was absolutely delighted by the changing colours of a brightly lit turtle toy.

Older kids played with more technical toys such as remote-controlled drones and some board games, too.
Parents Canada will use the feedback they received from the kids in their upcoming holiday toy guide

Thank you Parents Canada for brightening our day!