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About SickKids

November 28, 2016

SickKids, Toronto Paramedic Services and Heart & Stroke teach CPR live on Breakfast Television!

By Katie Sullivan, Intern, Communications & Public Affairs

To commemorate CPR Awareness Month on Nov. 24, SickKids hosted some special guests to highlight the importance of basic CPR training in emergency situations. Kicking off a day long series of sessions collaboratively taught by educators from SickKids, Toronto Paramedic Services and Heart & Stroke, a special morning session was featured live on Breakfast Television. In a Canadian TV first, the entire course was live-streaming on Breakfast Television’s website, so that viewers could follow along at home.

Photo of CityTV participating in CPR training course at SickKids.

Class attendees learned how to recognize the signs of a cardiac arrest, including sudden collapse, unresponsiveness and abnormal or no breathing, and the three important steps in responding: calling 911 right away, yelling for an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and starting CPR. SickKids’ very own Roger Correia, Registered Respiratory Therapist, provided an overview of the CPR techniques for children and infants, which differ from the adult technique.

“We offer CPR courses here at SickKids for friends and family members of patients who have very complex needs,” says Correia. “It’s important because it empowers them to have the knowledge and skill to respond in those crucial first few minutes whenever they do have an emergency situation at home.”

Photo of SickKids staff participating in CPR course.

About 30,000 people tuned in online, using a plush toy or pillow to practice, while in-person participants used mannequins that simulated the pressure and strength needed to administer CPR successfully. By the end of the session #CPRonBT was even trending in Canada!

The training session provided a valuable introduction or refresher for many CPR skills, but was not a full certification program. For more information on CPR courses offered at SickKids click here.

Photo of Roger particpating in CPR course.

Click on the links below to watch the full course:  

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