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About Sickkids
About SickKids

September 23, 2016

Planning for the retail space of the future

SickKids is currently planning for the next generation of retail space and we would like your feedback!

Hospital experiences can be challenging and stressful. Understanding what we can do to make this experience easier and of higher-quality for the SickKids community is critical in planning for our future.

The health-care system is constantly changing. It is important that SickKids continues to be responsive to changing environments by evaluating how we can best meet the needs of all our stakeholders: patients, families, visitors and staff.

At SickKids, we strive to provide the best patient care experience and state of the art treatment options. To continue to provide our high level quality of care, SickKids has been working on the development of a sustainable and robust retail strategy, as part of our short term infrastructure renewal over the coming five years and to inform our longer term planning. Now it is time to engage the greater community.

Working closely with J.C. Williams group we have developed an online survey that will enable us to determine the most suitable blend of retail, food outlets and services that will satisfy the needs of our staff, patients, families, and visitors. This will help us determine what services we may incorporate in the next generation of retail space at SickKids.

Do you want a say in the retail vendors available at the SickKids of the future? Have a great idea about how to organize public spaces at SickKids? Please take 10-15 minutes to provide your feedback.

We appreciate your time in completing our retail analysis survey and sharing your thoughts.