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May 30, 2011

Ghana-SickKids Paediatric Nursing Training Programme: May 2011 Launch

Ghana-SickKids Paediatric Nursing Training Programme Opening Ceremonies

On May 30, 2011, SickKids’ own Pat Malloy (Advanced Practice Nurse), Karen Breen-Reid (Advanced Nursing Practice Educator) and Dr. Isaac Odame (Staff Haematologist) celebrated the launch of the Ghana-SickKids Paediatric Nursing Training Programme with aspiring paediatric nurses, and healthcare and academic leaders in Ghana. “The first cohort of [nursing] students radiated pride as each speaker approached the podium challenging the nurses to increase the health of children in Ghana”, said Co-Lead Educator Pat Malloy (pictured below) as she experienced her first day in the classroom.

Dylan Walters, Project Manager for the program, was also present for the launch:

“Today, 40 aspiring paediatric nurses – coming from as far away as the northern region of Ghana – eagerly arrived at the School of Nursing, University of Ghana for the Inaugural Ceremony. Program partners mobilized the students, press, committee members and distinguished guests to join in the enthusiasm and celebrate the realization of this decade-long Ghanaian vision to train Paediatric Nurses in Ghana.”

The commencement of the Paediatric Nursing Training Program signifies the sharing of knowledge from some of SickKids’ best to address Ghana’s critical need for 1500 Paediatric Nurses to be trained in the next 10-15 years. The goal is to support the Ghanaian-led vision of making a sustainable impact in health administration and leadership that will continue to foster education in paediatrics and improve child health systems.   

Co-Lead Educator Pat Malloy teaches her first class in Ghana

But SickKids won’t be doing all the teaching. There is much to be learned from our Ghanaian colleagues and working with countries that have developing health systems. “If each day resembles this one,” said Pat Malloy of her first day in the classroom, “this experience will change not only the nurses in Ghana, but me as well.”

We are confident the Ghana-SickKids Paediatric Nursing Training Programme will change SickKids too.

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