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August 8, 2012

Global Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Centres Map Launch

With the launch of its Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Centres Map, The Global Sickle Cell Disease Network (GSCDN) has created an online tool that will:

  • provide up-to-date, accurate information (location, services, etc.) on sickle cell disease treatment centres worldwide
  • identify achievements and needs in sickle cell disease treatment and research
  • serve as a resource for development partners and help inform their agendas
  • foster and facilitate collaboration among all those involved in the diagnosis and treatment of sickle cell disease.

“Ultimately, this tool will accelerate the pace of improvements in sickle cell treatment and research by providing development partners with a global database of key contacts, currently available resources, and resource gaps, making the process of identifying and addressing areas of need much more efficient,” explains GSCDN Medical Director, Dr. Isaac Odame.  

View the Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Centres Map.