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November 20, 2009

$2.4 million for paediatric nurse training in Africa

SickKids continues to stretch its wings internationally

Pictured: Beverley J. Oda, Minister of International Cooperation

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has announced funding of up to $2.4 million for a three-year, SickKids-led program to help train paediatric nurses in Ghana. The training will lead to an improved quality of healthcare for children in the African country. The three-year program, involving SickKids and SickKids Foundation, will also include specialized paediatric training for health care workers in two other African countries.

The Honourable Beverley J. Oda, Minister of International Cooperation, made the announcement at SickKids on Friday, November 20, 2009.

"Children and youth living in poverty will shoulder some of the world's most pressing challenges. With a more effective approach to CIDA's development programming, we can make a difference in the lives of the world's most vulnerable, particularly young girls," she said.

Cathy Séguin, Vice-President, International Affairs at SickKids, said, "SickKids International is delighted to partner with CIDA and SickKids Foundation on our Global Child Health Program. By providing innovative and sustainable paediatric health care education programs, by promoting leadership in child health, and by strengthening the capacity of health systems, we can measurably improve child health outcomes in Ghana, Ethiopia, and Tanzania."

The money will be provided through CIDA’s Children and Youth Strategy, which Oda unveiled today. The strategy is focused on three areas: increasing child survival, including maternal health; improving the quality of education, and; helping to ensure the safety and security of young people.