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Engage online in global child health

Learn more about global child health at the new SickKids Global website. Created in partnership with SickKids Foundation, the site offers Canadian youth a deeper understanding of global child health issues and opportunities to show support for kids around the world.

Featuring video, infographics, music, art and text, the site is a creative way to look at issues surrounding global child health. “We know that the voice of youth can have a strong impact when they’re given the right information,” says Jarratt Best, Public Engagement Officer at SickKids Foundation. “We’re trying to get kids to use their voices to make change.”

Incorporating social media elements such as YouTube, Twitter, a blog and Facebook also give site visitors a way to share information, says Best. Users can “Share their hearts” by posting music, poetry and art about what global child health means to them.

The site is part of the SickKidsGlobal Public Engagement in Canada project, which is increasing awareness among the Canadian public around the CIDA-SickKids Global Child Health Program and key issues surrounding global child health.

The goal is to encourage young Canadians (aged 6 to 25) to become engaged in global child health and take informed action. The project aims to improve the understanding, support and contribution of Canadian and local diaspora Ghanaian, Ethiopian and Tanzanian communities to strengthen sustainable child health systems around the world, and in particular, sub-Saharan Africa.

Learn more and connect:

Web - sickkidsglobal.ca
Twitter - @sickkidsglobal
Facebook - www.facebook.com/SickKidsGlobal
YouTube - www.youtube.com/SickKidsFoundation