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About Sickkids
About SickKids


Thumbnail image of brain scan linking to web story
A new diagnostic tool for paediatric stroke patients will improve diagnosis and treatment course (Friday, May 25, 2018)
One of the most common causes of stroke and stroke recurrence in childhood are abnormalities of the arteries in the brain. However, to date, diagnostic imaging tools have not been adequate to perform this task.
New model of transition care at SickKids (Friday, May 25, 2018)
Over the past twelve years, G2G has been instrumental in highlighting the importance of transition care at SickKids and creating resources for staff. As we evolve our current model, we will continue to apply these tools and resources within our new integrated and inter-professional model that will keep transition care at the forefront of SickKids.
Link to webstory about new Epic armbands
Barcodes added to patient ID bands to enhance patient safety (Wednesday, May 23, 2018)
At SickKids, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve the patient experience. We are committed to making care better and safer across the hospital. One of the ways we are improving patient safety is by implementing new patient ID bands.
Link to story about the anniversary of the Specialty Food Shop
One of Main Street’s mainstays: Specialty Food Shop, then and now (Friday, May 18, 2018)
May is Food Allergy and Celiac Awareness Month, and we’re taking a walk down memory lane with the Specialty Food Shop, which has been offering not only the goods you can’t find in a regular grocery store, but plenty of guidance to children and adults with special dietary needs for over 35 years.
Link to Epic web story
Longer wait times in the Emergency Department as we upgrade to serve you better (Friday, May 18, 2018)
SickKids is here to serve you. As our priority population, we are committed to providing an esteemed quality of care to our patients and families. To do this, we are constantly evaluating our current model of care and looking for ways to enhance and improve our services.

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