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About Sickkids
About SickKids


H pylori bacteria as seen through a microscope
New discovery finds potential non-antibiotic treatment for cancer-causing bacteria (Tuesday, May 21, 2019)
H. pylori is high on the WHO's list of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that pose the greatest threats to human health. This research has shown that harnessing the cell’s own ability to eliminate bacteria inside of stomach cells could be a potential new treatment for H. pylori infection.
Connected Care logo
Connected Care: A new program to improve transitions from hospital to home (Thursday, May 9, 2019)
The health-care system can be a complicated space for families to navigate, especially for families of children who depend on the use of medical technologies. Connected Care supports the care children are receiving and strengthens paediatric expertise among community and home-care providers.
Two children crossing at an intersection
Ontario children getting hit by cars less frequently, yet children in low-income areas are still at higher risk, study finds (Monday, May 6, 2019)
Children in lower-income areas are at a higher risk of being injured by motor vehicles than those living in higher-income neighbourhoods in Ontario, according to a new study from SickKids, York University and ICES.
white matter brain injury
Socioeconomic status associated with impact of brain injury on preterm babies (Friday, May 3, 2019)
A SickKids and BC Children’s Hospital study shows cognitive scores for preterm children with higher socioeconomic status are similar regardless of whether they had a brain injury.
Ronald Cohn first da
Exclusive interview! Dr. Ronald Cohn meets Hallie for a special one-on-one interview as he begins his term as President and CEO (Wednesday, May 1, 2019)
May 1 is the first day on the job for Dr. Ronald Cohn, President and CEO of The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). Watch as Dr. Cohn sits down with inquisitive Hallie, who took time out of her busy Grade 1 schedule to ask some very important questions.

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