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About SickKids


Kids Cope conference
Adolescents with severe mental illness vulnerable when transitioning to adult care (Friday, August 2, 2019)
For adolescents with severe mental illness, continuous care with a primary care doctor during the transition period to adult care is associated with better mental health outcomes in young adulthood, according to a new study from researchers at ICES and SickKids.
Canadian data now available on child deaths in hot cars; new study also offers guidelines for prevention (Tuesday, July 30, 2019)
In Canada, there has been no record of the incidence of child death due to overheating in a parked car to date. New research led by The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and the University of Toronto is the first to report on this data, as well as to establish a guideline of strategies to help parents and caregivers avoid a possible tragedy.
4 year old female patient with female social worker
Medical social workers play vital role in supporting SickKids families (Thursday, July 25, 2019)
The Social Work program at SickKids offers support to families at their most vulnerable – when their child has a complex or serious medical issue.
SickKids-led study first to reverse progression of muscular dystrophy in mice using a modified version of CRISPR (Wednesday, July 24, 2019)
In a new study led by researchers at SickKids, an international team of scientists used a modified version of the CRISPR gene-editing tool in a way that may eventually open up entirely new treatment avenues for patients with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy type 1A (MDC1A) and other inherited diseases. The new research establishes a first-of-its-kind framework for the use of CRISPR-a to rescue disease symptoms.
x-ray of a bone fracture
SickKids study shows one childhood fracture can lead to another; offers important insights into bone health and lifelong outcomes (Friday, July 19, 2019)
In the first study of its kind, researchers at SickKids investigated whether having one childhood fracture leads to another. They discovered that children who fracture once are more likely than their peers to fracture again.

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