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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Project Horizon: Our Future Campus

Our campus redevelopment plan, Project Horizon, will enhance our ability to deliver high-quality specialized care by investing in new, sustainable facilities and technology. Project Horizon provides the opportunity to build an inspired, re-imagined hospital of the future that will transform the experience of patients and their families, enable the delivery of state-of-the-art care, and ensure sufficient service capacity to meet the growing needs of the citizens of Ontario.

Campus overview 

Our vision for the SickKids of the future will feature digital, efficient and sustainable buildings that contribute to the urban fabric of downtown Toronto and its economic viability. 

An environment of healing rooted in our community 

  • New frontage and green space while preserving the history and heritage on University Avenue.  
  • Additional green spaces and use of landscaping to promote an environment of healing and rejuvenation. A “garden heart” or courtyard will reside at the centre of our campus.  
  • More access to natural light and improved views for patients and staff.  
  • A seamless connection between the North-South and East-West axes of the campus to ensure optimal flow. Street-level access points to the community.  

Digital, sustainable and efficient facilities for better care

Project Horizon is planning approximately 1.3 million square feet of new build on the SickKids campus. It includes:  

  1. A new Patient Support Centre (PSC) that will house our education, clinical research and administrative services in a ~22-storey tower. Building the PSC is a critical first step to move staff out of the oldest parts of our campus to make way for demolition.  
  2. A new Patient Care Centre that will house a range of high acuity services, including half of the province’s paediatric intensive care beds, and will offer additional capacity based on population growth projections and 20-year projected service needs. 

Both buildings will feature sustainable designs and adhere to SickKids’ Environmental Sustainability Performance initiatives, targeting a minimum of LEED Gold Certification. 

Patient Support Centre: Patient support services at its best 

  • Situating all of our core administrative services together will reduce overall administrative spaceby over 30 per cent, and save on costs. 
  • New infrastructure will incorporate digital tools into patient support functions, improving safety and efficiencies.  
  • A new, state-of-the-art simulation centre for training health-care professionals. 
  • Contemporary space standards will reduce congestion and improve the flow of work.  
  • A new, forward-thinking workplace model will promote collaboration, innovation and provide the tools and spaces staff need to excel at their work. 

The Patient Support Centre will be built where the current McMaster Building is located, at the corner of Elm Street and Elizabeth Street. 

McMaster demolition start date: Early 2019 
PSC estimated completion date: Late 2022 to early 2023 

Patient Care Centre: Addressing the needs of critically-ill children 

  • ~430 total beds to meet the demands of modern, family-centred care and support emerging technologies. This is 144 more beds than we currently operate on average. 
  • ~120 critical care beds (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit included) built as single patient rooms to improve infection prevention and patient privacy to foster better outcomes. 
  • A new blood and marrow transplant unit with specialized ventilation systems to ensure Ontario’s sickest children are receiving the highest quality of care. 95 per cent of solid organ and bone marrow transplants in Ontario are performed at SickKids. 
  • ~19 operating suites, where space will be adaptable to accommodate new technologies and procedures – ~3 more than our current capacity. 
  • A new, Emergency Department featuring 51 treatment spaces – 12 more than what we currently have. Ultramodern diagnostic and treatment equipment will be brought to the bedside, giving clinicians faster results and the ability to make care decisions more accurately and efficiently. 

The Black and Hill Wings, the oldest parts of the SickKids campus located at corner of University Avenue and Gerrard Street, will be demolished to allow for the construction of the Patient Care Centre (PCC). 

PCC estimated completion date: 2030