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Strategy for 2010-2015 

Lead In World-Class Quality and Service Excellence
Enable Our People
Build Sustainable Infrastructure
Maintain Financial Health
Enhance Child Health Systems

Improving the lives of children was Elizabeth McMaster’s ambition when she and her colleagues established The Hospital for Sick Children in 1875.  SickKids re-confirms this promise every day, as health-care professionals, scientists and staff address issues in children’s health and lay the foundation for health throughout adulthood.

In 2009-2010 SickKids’ strategic directions underwent a thorough renewal process. Focus groups provided feedback, staff submitted ideas, employee engagement initiatives became focal points, and conversations with children and their families, community partners, academic and research partners, and individuals and corporate donors contributed to the final result. 

Equipped with broad input, SickKids’ leaders developed a strategic plan with directions for renewal in 2010-2015.  The plan is driven by the SickKids vision of Healthier Children. A Better World. and fuelled by the SickKids values of excellence, innovation, integrity and collaboration. The strategic directions leverage the leadership of SickKids in child health both locally and globally.  

SickKids has created a comprehensive and integrated pathway to improving children’s health, and a cost-effective route that will help children live to their full potential, contribute to healthy and productive communities, and realize a better future. Learn more about the Avenues to Excellence.

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