The Year in Review 2009-2010 - Sustainability - The Annual Report of The Hospital for Sick Children

Letter from the Leaders

Contance Sugiyama, Chair, Board of Trustees and Mary Jo Haddad, President and CEO story banner image

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them. - Albert Einstein

Dear Friends of SickKids,

Sustainability.  It’s a wide-ranging term that can be applied to almost every facet of life.  At SickKids, with our longstanding commitment to excellence, sustainability is a call to action.

In 1875, when a group of civic-minded women resolved to establish the British Empire’s second hospital for sick children, they were at the front lines of a movement focusing on the needs of the most vulnerable members of society. When SickKids’ visionary scientists allocated the proceeds of Pablum – the first-of-its-kind cereal developed to help prevent death from malnutrition – to establish our Research Institute, they dramatically changed SickKids and secured its reputation as a national and international leader.

That spirit of innovation and leadership is more profound today than ever.

Within the last year, we have made research and clinical advances that improve outcomes for children with complex and chronic conditions including childhood cancers and obesity. We focus on providing better health outcomes, a better experience for patients and their families, and greater value for everyone. We measure how we’re doing to know whether we are improving. The evidence shows that SickKids is sustaining excellence in our health-care system by reliably delivering better care, reducing errors, and improving the quality and safety of care and leveraging our knowledge throughout the children’s health system.  

SickKids has a history of pioneering discoveries that improve outcomes. In the past year, we took giant steps in our commitment to advancing care through research and learning, successfully completing a $200 million debt issue for our new Research & Learning Tower, and attracting Ted Garrard, one of Canada’s most experienced fundraisers, to lead SickKids Foundation through this transformation project and engage our community to support the important $400-million initiative. The new Research & Learning Tower will be the new home for our 2,000 Research Institute staff, fostering the collaborations between scientists and clinicians that will continue to transform paediatric care.

Our vision – Healthier Children. A Better World. – has never been more dependent on dramatic enhancements of our understanding of human health and development, and creative approaches to achieve these innovations. This year we developed our renewed strategic plan, Avenues to Excellence, to focus our efforts on the opportunities and challenges that we will face over the next five years. Our plan is comprehensive, complex and ambitious. It represents the best thinking of a wide range of people who are part of SickKids' community. We listened. We involved our patients and families, health care professionals, scientists, trainees, volunteers, staff, our funders, and partners. Avenues to Excellence galvanizes SickKids' strengths and creates a catalyst for change to attain our carefully defined objectives. The plan is designed to be implemented; the means for measuring progress are already in place.  

After a year of major milestones and accomplishments, SickKids is invigorated and ready for the challenges of the coming year. We welcome the opportunity to work with our partners and look forward with optimism to a bright future for children's health. 

It is an honour to share our progress and tell the SickKids story in this report.

  Constance Sugiyama
  Chair, Board of Trustees

   Mary Jo Haddad
   President and CEO

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