The Year in Review 2009-2010 - Sustainability - The Annual Report of The Hospital for Sick Children

At a Glance: Care

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SickKids offers primary and secondary care for the population in metropolitan Toronto, as well as tertiary and quaternary care for patients from all communities in Ontario, and for children throughout the world. 

As an innovator in child health, SickKids’ mission is to lead and partner to improve the health of children through the integration of care, education and research. This is achieved by providing the best in complex and specialized health care for children; creating ground-breaking scientific and clinical advancements; sharing knowledge and expertise worldwide; and championing the development of an accessible, comprehensive and sustainable child health care system.

                                                                 2009-2010           2008-2009
Inpatient Activity
Average number of patients a day                 275                        275
Admissions                                                  14,187                   13,808
Patient Days                                               100,342                100,332
Average Length of Stay (days)                         7.1                         7.3

Operating Room Cases
Inpatient                                                           6,248                     6,238
Day Surgery                                                     5,092                     5,146
Total                                                               11,340                   11,384

Ambulatory Visits
Emergency                                                   57,710                    54,580
Ambulatory clinics                                     215,213                 202,878
Total                                                            272,923                 

Paediatric Services

Surgical: Cardiovascular surgery, dental/oral surgery, general surgery, gynecology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, otolaryngology, plastic surgery, solid organ transplantation, urology.

Medical: Allergy and immunology, adolescent medicine, cardiology, dermatology, developmental paediatrics, general paediatrics, emergency medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology, genetics / metabolics, haematology/oncology, infectious diseases, neonatology, nephrology, neurology, nutrition, oncology, pharmacology, physical medicine & rehabilitation, respirology, rheumatology.

Also: Mental health services, anaesthesiology, critical care medicine, palliative care, burns, clinical genetics, and trauma.

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