The Year in Review 2009-2010 - Sustainability - The Annual Report of The Hospital for Sick Children

At a Glance: Research

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SickKids Research Institute is an international centre of excellence and innovation – the largest child health research institute in Canada. In this environment, top researchers and health-care experts from all over the world work closely together to improve children’s health. Learn more about the Research Institute.

SickKids Research Institute was supported in 2009-2010 by SickKids Foundation, governments and non-government organizations. Total funding was $172,213,266.

During 2009-2010, the number of funded research projects at SickKids Research Institute, including personnel awards, infrastructure grants and maintenance grants was 2,580.

Clinical Research Studies

Clinical advances can only be made after careful and reliable investigation; improvements in patient care rely on the results of clinical research. At the Research Institute, all active clinical protocols – research studies involving human subjects – go through a rigorous approval process and screening by the Research Ethics Board.

Active clinical protocols in 2009-2010



Research Institute Staff

SickKids Research Institute is staffed by renowned, extraordinary scientists and staff. See profiles of our researchers.

Our trainees come from all over the world.  Their transition to the Research Institute is aided by the Research Training Centre.

Total Research Institute staff




    Scientists and Associate Scientists (commit at least        50% of time to research activities)



    Project Investigators (commit less than 50% of time        to research activities)




     Research Fellows



     Graduate Students






     Research and summer students



Grant funded staff



Operations and administrative staff



Research Institute’s success rate with CIHR

The success rate with grant applications to the Canadian Institutes for Health Research is an important indicator because CIHR is the major funding body for health research in Canada. To be above the national average is a marker of excellence.  

CIHR SickKids success rate



CIHR National success rate




Articles by SickKids scientists are published in leading international journals including The Lancet, Nature Cell Biology, Pediatrics, Obesity, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Nature Neuroscience, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Current Biology, Diabetes, American Journal Of Respiratory And Critical Care Medicine, and many others.

Number of peer-reviewed articles by scientists at SickKids Research Institute in 2009-2010



Average number of peer-reviewed article per scientist and associate scientist



Industry contracts

Number of industry contracts (excluding infrastructure grant matching contributions)



Dollar value of industry contracts



Operating grants

Number of peer-reviewed operating grants



Dollar value of peer-reviewed operating grants



Infrastructure grants

Number of peer-reviewed infrastructure grants



Dollar value of peer-reviewed infrastructure grants



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