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Adolescent Medicine

SickKids Interprofessional Team for Youth (SITY)

The SickKids Interprofessional Team for Youth (SITY) provides youth with access to expert adolescent health-care services from our team of highly skilled interprofessional health-care providers. The team addresses a wide spectrum of concerns including illness-specific issues for youth with chronic health conditions, the identification and reduction of high-risk health behaviours and advocacy efforts.
Increasingly, the SITY team is being consulted regarding youth with clinical conditions that are considered diagnostic dilemmas. In addition, SITY continues to offer health care for marginalized and at-risk populations: lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth, street-involved teens, and immigrant and new-comer adolescents to Canada.

SITY also provides clinical services in collaboration with renal, cardiac and lung transplant programs, the HIV, SLE and STOMP clinics and through in-patient consultations. SITY works with the Substance Abuse Program to address the often complex health needs of the adolescents in the program.

SITY continues to build partnerships with local agencies such as Toronto Children’s Aid Society, St Stephen’s Community House and the Triangle School Program of the Toronto District School Board in an effort to enable youth-at-risk in the downtown core to access health information and necessary health services otherwise unavailable to them. SITY health care professionals continue to provide outreach and community education to various agencies such as York Family Services and schools in the Toronto District School Board.

The Continuity Clinic for fellows in Adolescent Medicine subspecialty continues to focus on continuity of care for medical services, ongoing counselling to youth and enhancing the ability for successful interventions. Finally, this year representatives of the SITY team will be contributing to adolescent health at an international level by providing a five-day curriculum to student health advisors placed in secondary schools in Singapore.