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Ambulatory Clinics

Referral to Diagnostic Imaging and Image Guided Therapy

Step 1
Referring professional identifies Diagnostic Imaging exam needed.

Step 2
Referring professional contacts the appropriate DI Modality directly if further information or instruction on the process is required.

Note: If a patient will need sedation or general anesthetic (GA) the referring professional must identify a responsible SickKids physician before booking the exam.

Step 3
Referring professional prints and completes Request for Diagnostic Imaging or Request for Image Guided Therapy (IGT) form. If more than one DI Modality is needed please complete a separate Request for Diagnostic Imaging form for each DI Modality. 
In addition, the following forms have to be completed if applicable:

Note: For proper format, the browser "base" font size should be set to 12 point.

Step 4
Referring professional faxes or mails the completed forms to the appropriate DI Modality.





Main floor - Atrium
416-813-4960 416-813 -7644
GI-GU 2nd floor - Elm Wing416-813 -6068416-813 -6043 

 2nd floor - Black Wing416-813 -6082416-813 -1075
Nuclear Medicine 2nd floor - Elm Wing416-813 -6065416-813 -6043
CT 2nd floor - Elm Wing416-813 -6070416-813 -7683

MRI Service


Service Level Rm. S762416-813 -5774416-813 -5789


Mailing address:
The Hospital for Sick Children
555 University Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1X8

Note: Please specify clinic name above the hospital address.

Step 5
Upon receipt of the completed form(s), DI Modality provides referring physician, family and/or patient with appropriate information and/or instructions for appointment (via mail or telephone).