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Ambulatory Clinics

Healthcare Professionals

In 2007 SickKids implemented an electronic Ambulatory Referral Management system.  At that time, an environmental scan revealed that approximately 40% of physician offices did not have internet access, so two options for sending referrals were provided – fax and online.  The plan at that time, as approved by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, was to encourage online referrals until a time transition to online as the primary method would be feasible.  SickKids receives more than 5000 referrals per month.  Referrals submitted electronically are processed in a timelier fashion as the referring professional has an opportunity to review acceptance criteria, answer mandatory supporting medical questions and is advised to pre-requisite tests required prior to the patient’s clinic appointment.  

SickKids has transitioned to an enhanced referral system, eCHN e-Referral.  Beginning November 15, 2012, referrals to SickKids must be made through eCHN e-Referral.

eCHN e-Referral system will provide you with many benefits, including:

  • Draft capability:  save your incomplete referral and complete it at a later time.
  • Delegation capability:  allow your staff or colleagues to create/manage referrals on your behalf.  
  • email alerts:  receive notifications when SickKids has updated the status of one of your referrals.       
  • Referral cancellation capability
  • Submit additional information capability
  • Support for professionals working at multiple sites: you select the facility the referral originates from.

To request your eCHN e-Referral account please access eCHN’s automated e-Referral request page http://www.echn.ca/e-referral.php . For any e-Referral access questions or concerns please contact eCHN directly at 416-813-7998 or at helpdesk@echn.ca. The eCHN Help Desk team will be pleased to assist your office in setting up and using e-Referral.

Phone referrals will be accepted for urgent cases ONLY (for example, when a patient needs to be seen in 24 hours).

If you do not have Internet access: Contact Mary Christofi, Informatics Application Specialist, at (416) 813-8579 as soon as possible to discuss options that may be available to your office.

We look forward to welcoming you to e-Referral.