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Referral information

The overall process and acceptance into the Chronic Pain Clinic includes: 

  • A referral form needs to be sent from your doctor or nurse practitioner
  • The chronic pain team will look at the referral form to asses that it is properly completed and decide whether our services suit your condition

If the referral is accepted:

  • The clinic coordinator will contact you, via the phone, to confirm your acceptance into the clinic. The doctor or nurse practitioner who referred you will also receive a notification of your acceptance into the clinic
  • You will receive a letter in the mail from the Chronic Pain Clinic coordinator with the appointment date and time. You will also receive a short Pain Intake Form that needs to be completed and returned to the Chronic Pain Clinic prior to your scheduled appointment
  • Return Pain Intake Form to Chronic Pain Clinic via mail or fax (Please note: if your clinic appointment is within two weeks of receiving the Pain Intake Form and you are unable to fax it to our clinic, please bring your completed Pain Intake Form to your clinic appointment)
  • Attend your clinic appointment as scheduled

If the referral is not accepted:

  • Please discuss further options with your referring physician or nurse practitioner (they will have received some suggestions from our team)