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AboutKidsHealth is a website developed by the SickKids Learning Institute that provides health information and resources for patients and families. The information on this website was written and reviewed by health care professionals so patients and families can know they are reading the most accurate information.

Specifically related to pain:
Pain Resource Centre
Pain At Home: Taking Care of Your Child
Pain: How to Talk to Kids About Their Pain
Pain Medicines
Pain Relief: Comfort Kit
Chronic Pain and the Teenager
Writing Away Chronic Pain
Pain Management Plan
Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Pain Management
Just for Kids Pain
Morphine for Pain Relief in Children

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SickKids Family Centre

Family Centre offers a wide range of print and non-print resources for patients and families. It is located in the main SickKids building on the main floor, room M200.

Books for children:

  • Be the Boss of Your Pain: Self-Care for Kids by Cathryn Morgan
  • GrrrOUCH!: Pain is Like a Grouchy Bear by Timothy Culbert and Rebecca Kajander
  • Imagine a Rainbow: A Child’s Guide for Soothing Pain by Brenda S. Miles

Books for parents:

  • A child in pain: how to help, what to do by Leora Kuttner
  • Me and my child in pain by Sue Beals
  • Conquering Your Child's Chronic Pain: A Pediatrician's Guide for Reclaiming a Normal Childhood  by Lonnie K. Zeltzer MD, and Christina Blackett Schlank

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Additional Pain Resources

The following external links are provided as additional resources. The Chronic Pain Clinic and SickKids are not responsible for the content on these websites.

Pain Resource Centre - Many resources on various concerns related to pain (in children and adults)
Chronic Pain Association of Canada - Many resources on various concerns related to pain (in children and adults)
Canadian Pain Coalition - Many resources on various concerns related to pain (in children and adults)
Action Ontario- Patient run advocacy group for chronic neuropathic pain 
Centre for Pediatric Pain Research  -IWK and Dalhousie University site on pediatric pain including information for families and a forum
Pain toolkit - Guide to help with pain self-management with kids
ILC Foundation - Website of foundation that aims to improve the lives of children and families living with chronic pain
German Paediatric Pain Center website -Great information on pain for the whole family
Somatic Symptoms and Disorders -What is it? Fact sheet
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Fact Sheet
Kids get Chronic Pain Too: Assessment and Management of Paediatric Chronic Pain 
Pain medicine resources - From Seattle Children's Hospital information in English, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese
Pain in children resources- From Cincinnati Children's

Other Related Resources

Public Health Agency of Canada: Physical Activity- A good resource on activity guidelines important in pain self-management
Canada’s Food Guide
Canadian Sleep Society - A resource on sleep and its importance
MedlinePlus- Trusted resource for medication and disease summaries 
Focused Breathing Relaxation with Mindful Distraction for Pain Management- Reference/Instruction sheet 
Distraction Apps- As recommended by SickKids Child Life
Toronto Youth Guide- Produced by Shelter, Support and Housing Administration, resource for youth services
iPhone app helps kids manage pain - Article for the Hamilton Spectator 
All about kids & sleep- aboutkidshealth 

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Educational Videos

Cognitive Therapy: The power of realistic thinking
Understanding pain-and what's to be done about it in 10 minutes! 
Understanding pain- What to do about it in less then five minutes?
 (If you have less time!)
TEDx talk about paediatric pain 
TEDed Video- How does your brain's response to pain?
Quebec Pain Research Network YouTube channel- a variety of pain related videos related to pain from a physiological perspective
PainBytes- Seven video mini-series on chronic pain and its management for youth
The Magic Glove -Hypnotic pain management in children
Consumers can help prevent harm from opioid use
Best advice for people taking opioid medication- Check out DocMikeEvans on YouTube for other related videos

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Other Chronic Pain Management Facilities

The following resources are provided to help you with your own search for other chronic pain management facilities. The Chronic Pain Clinic and SickKids are not responsible for services from these external facilities.

Pain Resource Centre: Accessing Chronic Pain Care
Multidisciplinary Pain Treatment Facilities
Pediatric Pain Treatment Facilities

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Accessing Community Resources

Finding a family doctor or nurse practitioner:
Go to Health Care Connect, a website run by the Ontario government to assist with finding a family doctor or a nurse practitioner near you.

Finding a physical therapist:
Go to The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario  
Under the heading of “Public” go to “Find a Physiotherapist” where you can enter your postal code and a listing of registered therapists can be viewed.
It is best to call around to the clinics and ask for a therapist who enjoys working with children or teens as it is essential to have a good rapport for successful therapy.

Finding a psychiatrist:
If members of the Pain Team cannot suggest psychiatrists in your community, ask your family doctor or paediatrician if they know a psychiatrist they refer to locally.  If this does not help, you can go to The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Under the heading “Doctor Search” you can search for a psychiatrist and a listing of psychiatrists can be viewed.
Please note some psychiatrists require a referral from a family doctor or nurse practitioner.

Finding a psychologist:
Go to The College of Psychologists of Ontario 
Under “Member Search” you are able to find a psychologist based on areas of practice, client populations, and languages of services provided. For management of paediatric chronic pain, try searching under the areas of practice of clinical and/or health psychology and narrow the client population to children/adolescents/families.
Please note some psychologists require a referral from a family doctor or nurse practitioner.

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