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Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

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Toronto hospitals embrace virtual reality.

Doctors adopt VR gaming technology to ease preoperation anxiety in scared patients.

SickKids' anesthesiologist Clyde Matava and Fahad Alam, anesthesiologist at Sunnybrook, are using immersive reality in  the Collaborative Human Immersive and Interactive Lab (CHISIL).

They have tested the technology on more than 200 patients including Tess at SickKids and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. “We’re taking (VR) out of the gaming realm, and actually using it to help patients and changing care,” said Alam. With the immersive experience, “the fear of unknown is kind of eliminated.”

Read this story in the Toronto Star.

SickKids Anesthesiologist creates app for dosing pain medication in children

Medication is the most common pain management tool that health care professionals use to help patients through their treatment and recovery. For adults the dose is often standard, but for children, a safe and effective dose of medicine depends on several factors including the weight and age of the child. 

In efforts to improve paediatric pain management, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) created a medical app called PediPain, that focuses on the medications used to manage pain in children.

“This easy-to-use app puts critical dosing information at the medical team’s fingertips,” says Clyde Matava, creator of PediPain and Staff Anesthesiologist in the Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine at SickKids . “It will not only help physicians prescribe pain medication, but will also help nurses and other health professionals (who do not prescribe medication) to double check the dose before administering medicine to their patient.”

Excerpted from SickKids news story: Read full story.


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