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Chronic Pain Clinic

Chronic Pain Clinic

The Chronic Pain Clinic at SickKids is a specialized service for the assessment and treatment of children and adolescents with chronic pain

Our team is made up of an experienced team of anaesthesiologists, advanced practice nurses, a psychologist, psychiatrist and physiotherapists. We work collaboratively in a family-centred approach to manage chronic pain and its related symptoms.

Chronic pain is incredibly complex and often many factors contribute to its development and persistence. Our team recognizes that chronic pain can affect patients and caregivers in many different ways.

The AboutKidsHealth Pain learning hub is a great resource for information on acute and chronic pain, including signs and symptoms, methods of assessment and the 3P approach to pain management.


To be the leading international paediatric centre in chronic pain prevention and management through: care, research, education, and establishing partnerships with children, adolescents, and families.


To prevent and minimize the physical, psychological, and social impact of chronic pain for all children, adolescents and their families by:

  • Working collaboratively with families to provide the best possible care
  • Providing safe and effective treatments that help manage pain
  • Combining education and evidence-based research in our care
  • Creating global awareness of the best treatments for paediatric chronic pain

Goals of Care

To support and empower children, teens, and families in the self-management of chronic pain by:

  • Providing the tools and resources to hep reduce pain
  • Helping to set and achieve realistic goals
  • Working with community resources to minimize the impact of chronic pain on a patient's physical, psychological and social well-being