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Centre for Brain & Mental Health

Features and Celebrations

There is no shortage of talented and hardworking members within the C-BMH. Our members pride themselves on going above and beyond in their work to improve the brain and mental health of children and youth. Congratulations to the following Centre members who were recently recognized for their work and achievements:

Kaufman (third from the left) and her co-recipients at the Health 2.0 conference.

Congratulations to Dr. Miriam Kaufman, Division Head, Adolescent Medicine at SickKids, on being recognized for her patient activist efforts by health-tech organization Health 2.0 as a recipient of its Global Retrospective Patient Activist Award.

Kaufman has been influential in improving care and the patient experience for teens. She has led the development of several innovations in adolescent care at SickKids, including the creation of the Good 2 Go Transition Program, the MyLupus App and MyHealth Passport. She received her award at the 10th Annual Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, California.

Dr. Michael Taylor

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Taylor on being awarded the 2016 Zülch Prize by the Gertrud Reemtsma Foundation for his research improving the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours

Different brain tumours respond differently to treatment, which can make it difficult for physicians to determine which therapeutic approach will benefit their patient. However, research conducted by Dr. Michael Taylor, Senior Scientist and Staff Neurosurgeon, has contributed to crucial improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant brain tumours. 

With the help of modern molecular-biological analyses, Taylor and co-recipient Stefan Pfister from the German Cancer Research Center discovered that medulloblastomas – malignant tumours of the cerebellum – involve four distinct types of cancer. While these degenerated cells may look similar under a microscope, the genetic information they contain differs significantly, comparable to the differences between stomach and bowel cancer. This discovery will help researchers develop better-targeted therapies for these types of tumours.

Photo of Dr. Dowling

Congratulations to Dr. James Dowling staff clinician in the Division of Neurology and senior scientist in the Genetics & Genome Biology Program at SickKids on his recent publication in the Journal of Clinical Investigation and his appointment as the inaugural Mogford Campbell Chair in Paediatric Clinical Neuroscience.

The link to Dowling’s paper entitled, PIK3C2B inhibition improves function and prolongs survival in myotubular myopathy animal models can be found HERE

Dowling's clinical expertise is in congenital myopathies, and he is one of the leading authorities on the diagnosis, care, and treatment of these disorders. His research examines disease pathogenesis and therapy development for congenital myopathies, with a particular focus on nemaline myopathy and centronuclear myopathy. His laboratory has helped pioneer the use of the zebrafish as a congenital myopathy disease model, and he is exploring multiple avenues for developing treatments for these conditions.

The Mogford Campbell family’s gift ensures that SickKids will remain a leader in the research and treatment of neurological conditions in newborns and infants to prevent conditions that affect their quality of life long-term.

Building upon SickKids inter-disciplinary research strengths to treat newborns' nervous systems within the crucial window of development, leading the training of next generation health-care providers and clinician-scientists to build capacity, and providing the guidance to bring a variety of experts together, this Chair will deliver a leading-edge research program and ensure new discoveries are translated into clinical practice as quickly as possible to provide best-in-class care for children and their families.