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Centre for Brain & Mental Health

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We lead, discover and innovate to transform brain and mental health in children and youth by:

  • Bringing leading brain & mental health clinicians, educators & researchers together into a community of scholars
  • Discovering the fundamental basis of brain & mental health  through innovative research
  • Translating discoveries to accelerate improved brain & mental health outcomes for children, youth & their families
  • Implementing new paradigms to prevent  & treat brain & mental health conditions in children & youth
  • Inspiring, educating, & mentoring future generation s of brain & mental health leaders

Our Vision

Every child deserves a healthy start, a strong mind, and a bright future.

Our Priorities

The Centre for Brain & Mental Health has identified two platforms that help to leverage existing strengths and provide a framework from which to develop a strategic plan and objectives supporting our vision and mission. 

These platforms include:

  • Brian injury and recovery
  • Learning, memory and affect