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Centre for Brain & Mental Health

The Integrative Research Training Fellowship Program

The Centre for Brain & Mental Health (C-BMH) is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications from SickKids Research Fellows for our internal 2016 Integrative Research Training Fellowship competition! **

Program Overview

The Integrative Research Training Fellowship Program is a strategic initiative of the SickKids Centre for Brain & Mental Health (C-BMH), which provides advanced fellows with a comprehensive research training opportunity in a new discipline that enhances and supplements their prior training and professional background.

This competition is restricted to internal, SickKids Research Fellows only.

Fellows MUST cross brain and/or mental health related disciplines in order to be considered for an Integrative Research Training Fellowship.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

• Neurologist or neurosurgeon training in a psychology lab;

• PhD Social Worker training in psychiatry;

• Neuroscientist training in a brain imaging lab or psychiatry.

Program Goals

To develop a synergy between the applicant’s research goals and the skills and knowledge that can be obtained through the fellowship.

To increase inter-disciplinary and inter-professional capacity (i.e. specialized training and skill growth for already highly skilled professionals) within the Centre for Brain & Mental Health.

To advance innovation in science by bringing together supervisors and trainees from complimentary disciplines to address novel research questions.

Eligibility Criteria

The fellowship provides research funding to pursue 2 years of research training for individuals who have already obtained:

  1. a PhD
  2. a medical degree; or
  3. a PhD and nursing or health professional degree

Fellows must be conducting full-time research for the entire fellowship period and at least one co-supervisor must have a full-time faculty appointment at SickKids. Fellows and supervisors must be registered as C-BMH members in order to be considered for the award. Member registration forms can be found online using the following link: 
https://surveys.sickkids.ca/surveys/?s=H4WCYC3JJT **

Application Process

The Integrative Research Training Fellowship is being administrated through the Research Training Competition (Restracomp) 2016 Application Process.

The Restracomp Deadline is Friday October 14, 2016 at noon.

To learn more about the Restracomp application process and to obtain an application package visit: http://my.sickkids.ca/research/research-training-centre/Pages/Restracomp.aspx **

Restracomp will administrate the initial evaluation of applications and competitive applicants will be forwarded for final adjudication by the Centre’s Education Committee. Interested applicants must self-identify and apply through the appropriate Restracomp category. Fellowship commencement date will be January 1, 2017, at the earliest.

Applicants must also submit a Letter of Intent (no longer than one page), clearly outlining how his or her proposed fellowship training exemplifies the goal of the C-BMH’s Integrative Research Training Fellowship. 

Letters must be submitted to Anna Gross, Program Manager, Centre for Brain & Mental Health at: anna.gross@sickkids.ca on or before the deadline of October 14, 2016 at noon.

The Award

The successful applicant(s) will receive a funding award amount that is in line with the Restracomp compensation scale, with the potential for a top-up of funds from the supervisor/supervising service, and at their discretion.

A maximum of two research fellows will be selected for the C-BMH’s Integrative Research Training Fellowship ** .

For C-BMH related questions, please contact Anna Gross, Program Manager: anna.gross@sickkids.ca

For Restracomp process related questions, please contact Melissa Dalgleish, RTC Program Coordinator: melissa.dalgleish@sickkids.ca

Disclaimer: These links can only be accessed by internal SickKids staff **