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Centre for Genetic Medicine
Centre for Genetic Medicine

What we do

Genomic information and genetic services have become increasingly complex, making clinical utility and validity evidence difficult to collect and interpret. Although exceptional knowledge now exists within SickKids pillars of research and clinical care, there is a pressing need for a systematic approach to translating this knowledge into clinical care.

The Centre for Genetic Medicine will focus on discovery, translating knowledge into clinical applications and enhancing genetic/genomic education for health-care professionals, patients and families. The centre will play a lead role in helping policy makers, researchers, health professionals and families understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities of genetic medicine and its potential to transform children’s health.

Centre success will be achieved through identified priorities in research translation opportunities, investments in multidisciplinary education and a focus on development of practice guidelines to achieve better patient outcomes.   

RESEARCH: The centre will remove barriers and support our partners through provisions for granting opportunities.  Enabling the themes of innovation, translation and strategy, the centre will secure funding and identify opportunities to enhance the translation of research, disseminate knowledge to providers and families, and build systems for collaboration and partnership planning to better achieve the centre’s objectives.

CLINICAL CARE:  The speed to which genetic discoveries are translated into better health care will continue to be a challenge as we move into the future.  New therapies and gene-based diagnostics will need to be carefully examined for their cost effectiveness and ability to improve clinical outcomes.

EDUCATION:  The centre will take a leadership role in developing education, policies and boundaries that are in the interests of our patients, health professionals, ethicists, stakeholders and funders.  We remain committed to the long-term vision of learning and informing policy setting to ensure positive change now and into the future.