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Centre for Genetic Medicine
Centre for Genetic Medicine

Who we are

The Centre for Genetic Medicine (CGM) will provide SickKids with a unique opportunity to deploy leadership in genetics and child health to make a profound and lasting contribution in areas of discovery, translation and education.  The centre concept is key to the advancement of SickKids’ Strategic Directions, enabling a heightened commitment to innovation and integration.

The Executive Committee is responsible for oversight of the centre, identification and implementation of its strategic priorities and application of its financial resources to achieve those priorities.

Executive Committee (EC) Membership


Annual Reports   


Annual Report 2015/2016


Annual Report 2014/2015


Annual Report 2013/2014


Why a Blueprint for Change?

The Centre for Genetic Medicine Blueprint for Change will be created to assist in the development and execution of a strategy for the centre and create a roadmap that will guide leaders, health professionals, educators, government and patients on how to make individualized medicine a reality at SickKids. The Blueprint is a starting point and identifies leadership, collaboration, education and partnerships as the most critical accelerators for change.

The steps outlined in the Centre Blueprint will:

  • Identify the centre’s immediate, medium and long-term priorities to achieve its vision;
  • Build the required infrastructure to support enhanced integration across the organization;
  • Identify steps to support the expansion of gene discovery efforts;
  • Strengthen translation of genetic findings into clinical laboratory tests and patient care;
  • Develop knowledge transfer opportunities for health professionals and families;
  • Create processes to institutionalize innovation in genetic medicine;
  • Strengthen planning to lead national and provincial collaboration, building sustainability and knowledge across the health-care system