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Canadian Inherited Marrow Failure Registry

Registration of Patients

Whom to register?

  • Any child or adult with a bone marrow failure or myelodysplasia which is congenital or inherited.
  • For a list of the various conditions click here.
  • The patients or families should consent for the registration

Who can register a person with an inherited marrow failure syndrome?

  • Any Canadian pediatric hematologist/oncologist
  • Any physician who have an eligible patient and wants to participate
  • Patients or families can contact us for information and the registration package.

How to register?

  • Contact the Data Manager for the study at cimf.registry@sickkids.ca for a registration package.
  • Fill out the registration forms
  • The patient must consent to participate. For a copy of the Consent contact the Data Manager at cimf.registry@sickkids.ca.
  • Consent forms must be sent together with the registration forms.
  • The registration form and consent forms must be sent by the participating physician.